Stiftung Warentest FollowMe

Dear visitors, dear parents

Biking is fun and keeps you fit. For children the bike means much more! It is the first means of transport by which they are able to independently explore their environment, visit friends or family etc.. Using the bike they learn to sharpen their senses, perceptions, gain confidence and feel secure with other traffic around them. We show you on this website how you can introduce a child to get used to riding in a traffic situation  by the use of  the parent-child FollowMe Tandem hitch  …………

Parents are the role model for their children and those who cycle together with their children are providing the children with knowledge, developing their self-assurance and safety, apart from contributing greatly towards family health through exercise outdoors.

“Cycle individually, or be towed” –
this is the FollowMe motto.

Thanks to FollowMe your whole family can be mobile, having fun and safe together. Quickly attach your child’s bike to your own bike according to traffic situations or if they become tired. The clever tandem hitch from Switzerland lets your react quickly to changing situations, without the need for tools! Then as soon as you feel the time is right, unhitch for the youngster to ride solo again.
FollowMe is approved for use on public roads, it is recommended by the Council for the Prevention of Accident (bfu).

And is also an unbiased test winner by the Stiftung Warentest (German Consumer organisation).