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Requirements of the cycles

Followme passende Kupplung

Adult bike:

A variety of FollowMe adapters are available for:

1.)  Quick release axle

Zugfahrrad mit Schnellspanner

2.) Solid axle

Zugfahrrad Radmuttern

3.) Sram „clik-box“ gear hub

Zugfahrrad Nabenschaltung

Even in this case the FollowMe can be attached. Our special SRAM adapter is needed.

Zugfahrrad mit Sram-Adapter

After use and when the child is not being towed, the FollowMe is attached to the rack or saddle.

Zugfahrrad Sattelaufhängung

Is there a back light as shown at the rack, it makes it difficult to get the belt on.
In this case our special “Top Light” bracket is needed.

Zugfahrrad Aufhängebügel

Child bike

Kid’s bikes from 12“ to 20 can be adapted to the FollowMe

A standard down tube is essential.

Kinderfahrrad Grösse

The max. width of the fork must be less than 155 Millimetres


The centre of the axle must be lower than the fork ends.

Holmenende Radachszentrum

For quick release axles, our special FollowMe axle is needed.

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